Trademark registration

In accordance with the law "On Trademarks" to register a trademark can both physical and legal persons involved in the sale, manufacture, realisation of the given product or service.
As a trademark in China can be used:

- text symbols
- figures
- color
- images
- any combination of the above elements.

Prohibited from registration as Trademarks:

- the same or similar characters with the name of China, the national flag, war flags and symbols. the flags of other countries except if the country agrees.
- same or similar names, the images of public buildings or places.
- same or similar to an official mark or stamp that indicates control or warranty, except as permitted.
- same or similar to the symbols of the red cross or red Crescent.
- discrimination on racial grounds
- misleading
- inconsistent moral principles and norms

Steps of trademark registration:

1. Checking for uniqueness.
To expedite the verification process it is best to submit several variants of the brand. in order to avoid similarity of some elements with already registered trademarks.
2. The request for registration of the trademark.
You need to specify the class of products covered by this mark, in accordance with the classification of the TM classification
3. Publish brand
4. Issue certificate of registration
If within 3 months no one has challenged the trademark, the application is considered officially approved and you can obtain a certificate of registration, the validity of which is equal to 10 years.