(Single Phase)

Complete Electronical Voltage Regulators Which Contain No Any Moving Piece Inside
Static Voltage Stabilizer 1-50 kVA Single Phase/Single Phase


  • 5000 Volt / Second
  • RISC Microprocessor Control,
  • Excellent Dynamic, Static Regulation,
  • Large Input Voltage Working Range, 130-270VAC
  • Electronic Protection Against Overload and Short Circuit,
  • 220VAC / 380VAC ±2.5% Regulation,
  • Load Level, Output ve Input Display
  • Excessive Voltage Protection Up-Down Limits
  • Static Stabiliser is Used When the Speed of Operation Represents
  • a Critical Issue (for Example, Computers, Laboratory Equipment, Measuring
  • Benches and Medical Instrumentation).
  • The Coltage Stabiliser does not Provide Galvanic Separation Between
  • Input and Output.
  • The Equipment is Usually Housed in a Metal Enclosure with RAL7035
  • Finish and IP21 Protection Degree, Suitably Sized According
  • to the Power Rating
  • High Effiency

Technical Specifications

  Capacity 10kVA 15kVA 20kVA 25kVA 30kVA 40kVA 50kVA
  In. Vol. Correct. Interval 160~250VAC
  In. Vol. Working. Interval 90~285VAC
  Operation Frequency 47~65Hz
  Line Input Protection Overcurrent Thermic Fuse and Sudden Overburden Protection
  Output Voltage 220VAC RMS ±%3
  Overloading 10Sec. 200% Load 500% Load 20ms
  Correction Speed ~5000Volt/Sec
  Upturn Period 20ms.
  Output Protection Short Circuit, Overburden, Overcurrent Electronic Protection, Protects Load Via Opening Control
  Working Principle Microprocessor Controlled, Full Automatic, Static, Semi Conductor Electronic Structure Maintenance Free
  Control Panel  
  Display and Buttons Display Screen
  Alert Message Input Low/ Hi, Output Low/ Hi, Over Temperature (Smart Fan System)
  Meas. Value Monitorization Output Voltage, Network Voltage
  Out. Up. Protect. Limit Standard
  Out. Sup. Protect. Limit Standard
  Regulation Voltage Standard
  Total Efficiency >97% (Full Load)
  Mechanical Bypass “Manually Controlled Line-PAKO SWITCH Selects Voltage Regulator” Switch Turn On/Off
  Protection Level IP21
  Working Temperature -10°C~50°C
  Storage Temperature -25°C~60°C
  Relative Humidity <%90, DIN (40040)
  Working Altitude <2000m
  Acoustic Level <50dB (1metersquare)
  Documents CE//TÜV Austria Hellas (ISO 9001)
  Dimension W×D×H (mm) 400 x 320 x 600 500 x 850 x 500 700 x 850 x 500
  Weight (kg) 35 50 65 70 85 95 100
  Makelsan reserves the right to change or modify product design, construction, specifications, or materials without prior notice and without incurring any obligation to make such changes and modifications on Makelsan products previously or subsequently sold. Makelsan does not guarantee the items of the accuracy and completeness.