(Three Phase)

Servo Drive Structure, Microcontroller Controlled Heavy Duty Devices Which Regulates Mains Voltage for Critical Loads
Servo Voltage Stabilizer 3-150 kVA Three Phase/Three Phase


  • Regulates Mains Voltage and Brings Many Advantages
  • Non-Linear Charges Drive
  • 3 Phase Input 3 Phase Output
  • Wide Power and Voltage Interval
  • Fast Regulation
  • High Reliability Thanks to Microprocessor and Smart Driver
  • High Efficiency
  • Load Transfer to Bypass Via Pole Charge Switch
  • Safe and Economic Usage
  • Overcurrent and Overload Protection (Optional)
  • Digitally Displayed Status, Input & Output Measurements
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • 10 Years Spare Parts Support

Technical Specifications

  Capacity (kVA) 3 6 10.5 15 22.5 30 45 60 75 100 120 150
  In. Vol. Correct. Interval 275~450VAC
  In. Vol. Working. Interval 155~490VAC
  Operation Frequency 47~65Hz
  Line Input Protection Overcurrent, Low and High Voltage Protection
  Output Voltage 380VAC RMS ±%2
  Overloading 10 Sec %200 Load
  Correction Speed ~90Volt/Sec
  Upturn Period ~90Volt/Sec (160VAC~250VAC)
  Output Protection Protects Load by Opening the Circuit When Overburden, Short Circuit Occurs
  Working Principle Servo Motor, Microprocessor Controlled, Full Automatic
  Cooling Smart Fan System
  Measured Value Monitor MSR Panel Voltmeter (74x74mm) Output Voltage and Line Voltage Monitorization
  Total Harmonic Distortion -
  Total Efficiency >%96
  Mechanical Bypass “Manually Controlled Line-PAKO SWITCH Selects Voltage Regulator“ Switch Turn On/Off
  Protection Level IP 20 // IP 25
  Working Temperature -10°C~50°C
  Storage Temperature -25°C~60°C
  Relative Humidity <%90, DIN (40040)
  Working Altitude <2000m
  Acoustic Level <50dB (1metersquare)
  Documents CE//TÜV Austria Hellas (ISO 9001)
  Dimension W×D×H (mm) 500 x 440 x 1100 600 x 440 x 1190 850 x 640 x 1400 900 x 690 x 1630
  Weight(kg) 55 65 120 135 154 183 237 330 356 456 545 565
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