(Three Phase)

Ultra Fast PWM Controlled
AVR with Precise Regulation
Designed to Protect Sensitive Equipment Such as Laboratory Analyzers, Medical Imaging Systems,
Broadcast Transmitters, Security Scanners and CNC Machine Tools
IGBT PWEM Controlled Digital Stabilizer 75-1000 kVA Three Phase/Three Phase


  • Excellent Voltage Regulation of ±1%
  • Very Fast Correction Time of <30ms , 2000V/s
  • Very Fast Correction Speed of 20Khz
  • Soft Start to Reduce Inrush Current
  • Auto Bypass
  • Silent operation
  • Excellent load protection capabilities to ensure load life
  • Compatible with almost all load application
  • Static Voltage Stabilizer is working on IGBT (static device)
  • based PWM Control technology, No moving or
  • mechanical contact for voltage regulation
  • At the primary of buck-boost transformer delta
  • voltage is added and subtracted by IGBT based AC ? AC
  • converter to regulate output voltage
  • Rating of the AC-AC convert is 1/3 of the rated power
  • Cycle by cycle voltage regulation without interrupting load current

Technical Specifications

  Capacity (kVA) 75 100 120 150 200 300 400 500 600 800 1000
  Input Voltage Range 220/380 VAC [230/400/415 VAC] 3Phase+N ±25%
  Input Frequency 50 / 60 Hz (Adjustable)
  Input Frequency Range ±10%
  Output Voltage 220/380 VAC [230/400/415 VAC] 3Phase+N (Adjustable)
  Output Voltage Tolerance ±1%
  Correction Speed >2000 V/sn (<30 ms)
  Efficiency >97%
  Output Protection Short Circuit, Overcurrent, Over-Under Voltage
  Overload at 125% load 10 min., ≥150% load 1 min.
  Topology High Frequency 20kHz IGBT Driven Voltage Regulation Converter.
Buck- Boost Transformer. Pulse width Modulated (PWM) Controlled Direct AC to AC Converter Topology.
  Automatic Bypass Automatic Bypass will be Activated when There is a Fault Condition
  Protection Level IP20
  Operating Temperature -10°C~50°C
  Relative Humidity <90% (Non Condensing 40040)
  Noise <60dB
  Dimension WxDxH (mm) 700 x 950 x 1825 950x1059x1825 (3 Pieces) 700x1059x1607 (3 Pieces) 850x1000x1900
  Weight (kg) 400 465 520 640 760 1050 1200 1330 1600 1900 2300
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