ZigBee Wireless Date Transmission Equipment (iDM-PA Series)

The traditional method of monitoring equipment is through wired communication, but the disadvantage is complex wiring and limited transmission distance. The wireless monitoring solution, ZigBee network center receives commands via RS485 or RS232 data frame from the host machine, and then through the way of multicast pass command data frame of the individual ZigBee collector of ZigBee wireless network, finally passes the data to the terminal by RS485 and RS232 port terminal equipment. Each data frame ZigBee collector will transfer the data to the ZigBee network node which comes from its RS485 or RS232 port, through point to point mode, the central node returns the data to the host computer through the RS485 or RS232. ZigBee wireless communication technology is introduced into the application of the monitoring system to realize wireless data acquisition and to a certain extent solve the problem of wiring difficulty and poor adaptability of cable system.


  • Realization of transparent transmission, easy operation, simple configuration, stable transmission
  • Support network and CAN communication mode, standard network interface with RS485, RS232,is RJ45
  • There are two output forms for serial communication interface (RS485 + CAN or only RS232)
  • Working state indicating led can directly reflect the power supply, communication, failure of ZigBee wireless data transmission equipment
  • Support all ZigBee communication channel, the transmitted power can be set up
  • Support parameter settings, page setup, remote upgrade, of MODBUS RS485, TCP/IP mode etc