Inverter Wireless Monitoring Solutions

There are always quantity inverters dispersedly distributed in the solar power generation system. If adopts the traditional wired monitor method, there would be too much trouble with system cabling. Our solution uses ZigBee wireless network technology, which can access the inverters to ZigBee wireless data transmission equipment according to the different installation regional distribution through RS485 bus; Terminal node through multiple bridge route, and ultimately establish a wireless network connection with the center node. By monitoring the system can display a list of the inverters, daily generated energy, total generated energy, AC voltage, AC current, AC frequency, DC voltage, DC current, device temperature, fault information, power graph of that day, generated energy histograms of that month, other PV information and have abnormal alarm function.


  • System has long distance communication, strong anti-jamming capability, flexible serial application, greater network capacity and other characteristics
  • System uses RS485 bus and ZigBee wireless network communications, which can reduce investment and complexity of wiring devices
  • System is cost-effective, simplified the whole system construction, easy to maintain, easy to use, low running costs;
  • System supports multi-brand inverter monitoring
  • System displays visual real-time status with detailed data and charts of each inverter, as well as historical data query