Inabikari Outdoor Chamber DC Charging Equipment

Outdoor Chamber DC Charging Equipment is used for electric vehicle charging power supply of distributed charging network. It can deploy charging network rapidly and effectively, providing high-power charging service for electric vehicles. The outdoor chamber DC charging equipment consists of outdoor cabinet, more than one charger and outdoor hung-gun pile. It is applicable to charging stations and enterprises’ parking lot.


  • Outdoor chamber design makes convenient and quick deployment.
  • Its internal modular design meets different capacity requirement, and rectifier modules with three-phase active APFC dynamic regulation module having excellent airduct design, and realizes integrated protection for rectification, control, output and measurement etc.
  • Superior protection includes AC overvoltage / under voltage, output overvoltage / undervoltage, overcurrent, short-circuit, overtemperature, overload, reverse-battery, inrush current surge protections etc.