Tricycle vehicle tubular battery

Lead-acid batteries used for electric tricycles are for electric tricycle accessory power DC power supply, can also be used as low-speed electric four wheelers and other aspects of the DC power supply.


Five big selling point, hit a new high

  1. the initial capacity is big
    Battery internal innovation to increase the storage capacity of the battery, use of multielement alloy plate, increase the energy utilization, charging is very full. Strengthen the kijo battery running distance and the initial capacity.
  2. super power
    The core of the kijo battery technical support, the unique welding technology, strengthen the connection parts of the current resistance ability, can withstand greater discharge capacity
  3. stable and reliable
    Kijo battery technology innovation reform, make battery more safe and reliable, improves the stability of the battery
  4. cold resistance design
    Kijo battery not fear cold, low temperature discharge performance is good, also can normal operation under -25 oC.
  5. long service life
    According to the instructions, up to 3 years service life, is one of long life products on the market at present.

Technical Specifications

Item Rate Capacity (AH) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
6-DG-150 90 362*172*260 31.0±0.5
6-DG-160 100 362*172*260 33.0±0.5
6-DG-180 110 362*172*273 34.0±0.5
6-DG-190 120 362*172*285 36.0±0.5
6-DG-200 140 362*172*285 38.0±0.5
6-DG-220 150 362*172*292 41.0±0.5