E-bike battery

Range summary

Summary: DZM series is electric bicycle battery. With international advanced AGM technology, maintenance-free design, Kijo new DZM series polymer gel lead acid battery comply with GB/T22199-2008 national standards and provide large capacity, high specific energy, low self-discharge, long life and ensure no leakage, safe and reliable.


Technical Features

DZM is ideal for electric bicycles and other motive power.

  • AGM-Acid Valve-Regulated Lead Acid battery
  • Long cycle life
  • Safe and reliable
  • Low self-discharge rate and water loss
  • Specially designed safety cover to improve safety performance.
  • Can be used in many orientation (except inversion).
  • Not only have the advantages of VRLA technology, but also well maintainability, and regular • maintenance would extend battery life 50%~100% or more.
  • High-Quality ABS container
  • Novel and unique appearance.
  • Improved strength and toughness of the materials reduce the damage


Electric Vehicle, Electric wheelchair, Electric scooter, Electric playcar for children, Garbage truck, Patrol car