1 – Ocean freight, Booking of a container to the liner
We work with all Liners in china and can make a container booking wherever you need
2 – Domestic cargo transportation :
We can distribute cargo to most of the cities within China mainland,Fixed Route, Fixed Schedule.
3 – Domestic Warehousing :
Main Services we can provide:
  • Cargo unloading, receiving, tally, put-away, storage as per customer’s requirement
  • Container loading(Snake loading, GOH, etc):
  • Consolidation;
  • Cargo inspection;
  • Palletization, de-palletization;
  • Labelling, bar-code, scanning;
  • Repacking;
  • Dunnage supply;
  • FIFO management;
  • Temperate controlled storage;
  • Order picking (piece level, carton level);
  • Reverse Logistics;
  • Damage handling, disposal
  • Other value added-service
4 – Customs clearence, import/export services:
Our company handles all administrative tasks and formalities for our clients while offering a wider range of comprehensive customs-related services. Our expertise and experience in the field of international customs clearance has allowed us to nurture excellent solid relationships with customs authorities across the globe.