About Inabikari

Inabikari co. - was founded in 2013 by a team of engineers, managers and designers who thinking that electric vehicles coming in our life and open new ways for green technologies and clean future.

Our team working about first inabikari electric car Rev.01 now. New electric crossover that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds and travels over 400 miles per charge, Rev.01 premium SUV from inabikari and our first step in clean future.

Inabikari strives to move forward paving the way for new ideas, streamlining and modernizing the existing technology. We have chosen the way of innovative development in its quest to be the first and blaze new ways.

No doubt the way of pioneers always very hard. But this way is incredibly interesting because it carries a lot of new discoveries, makes it possible to step over the brink of the unknown, and seeing new future and make it real.

Inabikari team chosen the way for innovation. We are moving forward to amazing future, expanding the boundaries of knowledge, promoting new technologies and opening new horizons. Today is not possible to imagine human life without modern technologies that surround us everywhere. But also impossible to imagine the future without dreams, without the desire for new challenges, and without people going for their dreams...