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We glad to introduce inabikari project. We provide new green technologies and clean energy. Our team working for innovative electric vehicles and alternative power supply. Electric technology will absolutly clean in future, electric automobiles, motorcycles, electric aircrafts - new reality. Alternative clean energy comming in our live and change world. We start this project as long term investment in green technologies and clean future...

electric automobiles

Electric cars - future coming in our life now. Let us introduce new electric automobiles. We provide new innovative power supply technologies. Long time in motion without charging, new kinds of energy recuperation, generators, capacitors and batteries. We would like to offer for you all new technologies what we have. Inabikari electric cars - perfect design and modern technologies. Electric vehicles open new possibilities in comfort and safety in motion.

alternative power supply

Clean energy and Green technology - Alternative power supply help save our world. Electric power most perspective clean wave for future. New technology in energy generators, static and dynamic power supply, power converters, inverters, rectifiers, ups, capacitors and batteries, innovative Power Distribution Unit (PDU) for electric vehicles with full duplex recuperation and modern DSP control, open new possibilities in electric motion, distribution and logistic.


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